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Month: November 2017

Week 8 The Power of Imagination

This week has been learning about how necessary and powerful Imagination is for anything to move forward in the world.  Everything we see or touch outside of the wonders of nature comes about because someone, somewhere had an idea that was then brought to our reality.  This goes from the smallest things to landing on the moon and our exploration of space.

Humans are naturally curious creatures and when we look back through time, we can see how new ideas have been built on the then current knowledge. We often experience change incrementally.  We also have experienced  leaps that  were made by the most Brilliant of Humans.

Imagination in Modern Times

In the time I’ve been alive I’ve seen computers become household tools before that the computer filled a room. We saw our first mobile phone that needed to be carried in a small carrier box like a small suit case to the iPhone. The iPhone revolutionized mobile phones, where we had a touch tone screen that resembled a small computer in the way we now use it with many APP’s. This picture is the first iPhone in 2007. The iPhone also disrupted the music industry.  The iPhone also disrupted the entire camera and picture taking industry.


Leonardo DaVinci made sketches of things that didn’t show up for 400 years.  His imagination was  far beyond most on our planet at the time and still now his genius is appreciated. He designed the first propeller which now has a different design but is used for Helicopters. That was real vision.


The work we are doing in the Master Key is to influence ourselves through our imagination and our belief in ourselves will change the path we are on.  This new future, we may have thought at one time  was an impossible future for ourselves. We can actually visualize and change the Blueprint for the Future Me.

Using our own Hologram

Have you ever watched Star Trek where they have scenes that take place on the Holodeck?  These scenes are what has played out in the imagination of the participant.  They no longer feel like the impossible has happened because they have had a real experience..  To change our Blueprint, we must visualize with feeling for it to become real.  Our imagination of what is to be will be accepted by “Subby” or the subconscious as fact.  “Subby” doesn’t know what’s real or imagined.


Our imagination and focused thought through our visualization makes it real to “Subby”.  “Subby” then goes to work along with our effort to put the pieces in motion to make it happen. “Imagination is the light by which we can penetrate new worlds of thought and experience.” ( from the Master Keys.)


This week I have been on “The  7 Day Mental Diet” of no negative thoughts.  I have yet to complete 7 days.   Allowing only positive thoughts 100% of the time is transforming. This has been close for me, but I haven’t achieved it yet.  All the work I am doing in the Master Key is to change the internal landscape of myself.  I see changes in the way I am perceiving things. I see progress.


Repetition is key for “Subby” to hear the new imagined path often and with positive emotion.  I heard today the experience of a young man who has diligently been reading his Definite Major Purpose 3 times a day for 3 ½ years and his life has been transformed.


If we truly want change in our life, it is an “Inside Job”.  Our imagination to make the future real is key to our success.  The Universe will come to our aid if we ask for what we truly want and have a loving heart to receive what is our heart’s desire.


Till next time,

Johanna Baker


Week 7 – The Journey Continues

For most people ‘Faith” is believing in what is unseen. It is trusting that things will turn out alright.  What I am learning in the Master Key  is a similar idea.  We are learning to trust that what we  want to see in our future will come true. This is to have  faith in the unseen, that is not yet manifested.  The work out is to reach “Subby” or our  Subconscious.  This belief  in who we are and what we want, when charged with Feeling  will become our reality . This is the Universe, conspiring in our favor and helping us achieve.  How do I do this, by  Charging my thoughts with FEELING!

This has been written in Scripture and has been around for a long time.

Mathew 7:7

“Ask and it will be given to you; seek and you will find; knock and the door will be opened to you.

Matthew 17:20

“And He said to them, If you have faith the size of a mustard seed, you will say to this mountain, ‘Move from here to there,’ and it will move; and nothing will be impossible to you.

What does “Subby” believe?

This truth about Belief has been taught to us through the ages.  So how do we get through our own doubt? Our subconscious or “Subby”  doesn’t know what is real or a vision of what we see as real.  Imprinting on “Subby” and making changes in our life to coincide with the person  we want to see is crucial.


Visualization, using  pictures and sound  to imprint on “Subby” through what we listen to, hear and read with intention and FEELING is the way to get through to “Subby”. I am bombarding and “Subby” with who I am and what I want.  Any old programming or negative experiences are substituted with the new “Real Me.” I am persistent and doing this many times through out the day


This week my focus has been Be More, Give More.  What does that mean?  Every connection is greeted with love, gratitude, a smile, giving a compliment and bringing positive energy to every encounter. I am a positive influence in the world,  a ray of love.

Be in Service

Be in Service and keep our thoughts positive.  We had an assignment this week to not have any negative thoughts for 7 days.  I have to admit, I started over and over again. Not hearing any news on TV has been a  key to this success. Life happens and sometimes things happen to the people in our lives that need to be dealt with.   Emmet Fox writes in his 7 day Mental Diet  that when this happens,  take a couple of days and then start again.


It is important to be aware of the things that can trip up this 7 day diet. Negative thoughts are thoughts of failure, disappointment, or trouble, any thought of criticism, or spite or jealousy or condemnation of others, or self condemnation; any thought of sickness or accident; or in short, any kind of limitation or pessimistic thinking. Emmet Fox emphasizes that our brain might deceive us, but our heart will whisper the truth.


I have had fun this week and am excited as I continue on this journey of learning about myself and others.


The Journey Continues


Week 6 – My Dreamboard

This week has been one of putting many visuals together to help “Subby” get clear on the picture of what I desire in my life.  What I’ve learned is that “Subby” or the subconscious is that part of us that carries out our belief and will about what we want.  It goes to work for us  when the message is very clear.  The conscious mind can send  “Subby” messages through repetition along with emotion and belief which will then go to work to make connections in our life to make it happen. This needs to be consistently maintained to accomplish results.


Focus like you would hold a magnifying glass to sharpen the edges and see more closely.  Just as holding a magnifying glass with the sun shining through it can ignite paper to burn, our burning focus and attention to what we truly want in life is crucial to making change.


Using visual symbols to represent what we want in life are cues to the subconscious to remember the intention and desire of what you really, really want.  This is like preparing the soil to be receptive for the seeds we want to grow. This week I put pictures all over my house for my “Subby” to see visually what is desired so that “Subby” can go to work to create the circumstances to have things happen.

My Treasures for this week:


My Dreamboard:   using pictures is a representation of what I really, really want.Using Symbols to give myself the message of my heart’s desire is a way for “Subby” to get the message over and over again.


Reading  Scroll 2.  Love is the answer, love is the way.  We certainly have heard that message before.  In Jesus’s teachings,  he was the new way of being in the New Testament . To  come from a place of love and to be love to others, a kind word, a compliment, a gift, to love life in all its phases, the light, the dark, the sun, the rain, all of it is crucial for internal change to manifest.  A refreshing way to be and look at the world and be conscious. Being conscious in all moments is a commitment to being what we want to see in the world.  I feel good about letting grievances go and becoming more harmonious with what is going on around me.


The Guy ( Gal) in the Glass  Reading this daily and realizing that we are most accountable to ourselves.  Are we in alignment and have we acted in integrity where we can look at ourselves in the mirror and be honest. Be that person that can see yourself clearly for your mistakes and all the good that you are.  Love that person in the mirror.


The Compass  is a symbol for the Power of Attention.  When this is done by the mind in thought, the results of attention will be manifested.  Live by the compass and not the clock.


For those who are not familiar with this line of thinking it may seem far-fetched.  It may be because if you tried but did not keep a consistent focused mind long enough, it wasn’t realized.  It takes energy and persistence along with your emotional belief to make it so.  Without the emotional component of ENTHUSIASM embracing the new you, it can’t come into being.   Many may give up before the results can be manifested.


Thank you for your attention.




Week 5 Who is running the show?

Conventional Wisdom is that a person who makes good decisions and takes good actions  will be the core reasons as to why a person will have success. If they have good parents and go to College and study hard they will ensure a good future for themselves.  The question I’ve heard and maybe you have also heard, why do people who take advantage of others and have no scruples as to what is right or wrong become more successful than the person who has worked hard and done all the right things, but is not as successful.  Why is this?


I didn’t have a clue about this before my week 5 lesson of the Master Key.  Now I understand that it has to do with the belief and intention that is so strong and held as fact that it will happen, has influenced the subconscious to make it happen.  In the case of the good person, who has done everything right, but doesn’t have the same results, most likely has had issues of deserving that have gotten in their way.


What I now understand is that ninety percent of all of our mental life is in the subconscious.  If we fail to make use of this mental power we live within narrow limits.  A belief that is held for long enough and a person who has controlled their thoughts has had their subconscious solve any problem for them.


We know the mind never sleeps.  Our subconscious is always at work.  The question is are we allowing it to be passive or are we directing it to work for us?  The mind is in more places than just our brain.  It is in every cell of our body.  Can this be passed on through heredity?   Some say that, that might be the cases unless we consciously repress and refuse to allow this to be the reality.


I have heard stories of consciously using props and intention and belief that it will be so that it becomes manifested as true reality.  An entire new reality was created by the conscious intent.  I find this very hopeful that all of us have the capability to change the future through conscious intent and bringing the symbols into our life to create the fertile ground for the subconscious.


We have choice as to whether we do the work of retraining the subconscious.  The requirements are that we earnestly desire it,  We assert our claim to it. We must take possession.


We can have our heart’s desire.


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