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Month: March 2018

Week 20 Wake Up

This week is time to wake up  I have been doing the work of the Master Key, reading my DMP, writing and reading my gratitude cards, writing and doing my service cards.  Reminding myself to Do it now, Do it now, Do it now. Reading from Og Mandino’s book. And of course doing the “sit” for at least 20 minutes.


There is a progression as I go from one lesson to the next.  It is also a time of wonder at realizing my at onement with all beings. We are all so connected, to all of life.  We are so small in the Universe, yet each of us is important and unique. We would be nothing without the Spirit within us. Recognizing that and becoming the Observer of what is going on within me and what is going on around me, puts me in a place of being more at peace with myself.

Everything Starts with Thought

Everything we have around has come from someone’s idea.  Their thought. The computer I use to to write this Blog.  The mouse I use to move the cursor. The computer screen that transforms what I write to be able to see it on a scree, that is powered by the tower that has the brains of this computer.The chair I sit in.  The glass I drink from. The plate and silverware I use to eat. The lamp that gives me light after the sun has gone down. The glasses I use to give me better vision.


Everything we can name and see and use has come from Thought.  What I have been learning in the Master Key, that the concentrated effort, the intention and thought and being in the stillness can be the projection of what is to come in my future.  We are beings that have Power to manifest, if we do the work. All the daily things we’ve learned to do through repetition to reach the “Subby” gives us the opportunity for real life changes to manifest.

I am grateful for the process I have been going through.  It has been overwhelming because there is so much I do daily.  I am grateful to know what the tasks are to make the internal changes.I believe the “sit” is the opportunity to connect with Universal Mind and listen.  So hard to get the monkey mind to stay quiet.Perception only comes in the Silence. It is also the time to visualize and see what will be the Now. in the future.  I treasure this time to wake up.


I am going to reiterate Haanels words her. Because I think they are of the utmost importance. This comes from Haanel 20:23.  “ We are told that “In Him we live and move and have our being,” and we are told that “He” is a Spirit, and again that “He” is Love, so that every time we breathe, we breathe this life, love and spirit.  This Pranic Energy, or Pranic Ether, we could not exist a moment without it. It is the Cosmic Energy; it is the Life of the Solar Plexus.”


“ Every time we breathe we fill our lungs with air and at the same time vitalize our body with this Pranic Ether which is Life itself, so that we have the opportunity of making a conscious connection with All Life, All Intelligence and All Substance.”



Johanna Baker

week 19 – Your Last Day

 Your last day

Thinking about “your last day” came from  reading  Og Mandino’s scroll “Live each day as if it is your last day”.  As a result, I now try to make the most out of every day.  This becomes especially relevant because I’ve read this scroll so many times, three times a day for a month.  The importance of  it is to  be mindful and to be present always. If I can remember to be mindful, this puts me in a state of feeling alive in every moment of the now. What I found in my experience is that I remember,  then I forget and then I remember again. I find it hard to stay in the remember to be mindful all the time. 

Live in the Moment

Live in the moment, for I no longer have yesterday and tomorrow is not a given. All I have is Now. I was asked in the Master Key class, to buy a newspaper every day and read the obituaries that were posted that day. Why?

It was an exercise  that emphasized the fact that our lives are finite. I bought the paper daily and  looked at the picture in the obituary and read the person’s story. It strikes me that many people are blessed to live a long life.  The wrinkles on their face are well earned and also tell a bit about how hard their life was. Children and people whose lives were taken early, gave me pause and gratitude for how long I have been lucky to be here.

Most of us have a sense of the miracle of our own life. But, so much of the time, we find it difficult to think about the end to this journey we call our life, our last day. Reading this chapter three x’s  a day brought it home for me, Live each day as if it were your last day.  “I live this day as if it is my last day.  I avoid with fury the killers of time. Procrastination I destroy with action…….”  This makes me grateful for every day.

Be mindful

First of all, I live my life with purpose and make the decision to be happy. I decide to be happy and to be present. Writing down the things I am grateful for daily, is making my awareness grow for all the little and big things that make my life so enjoyable.  I am so happy to be alive and have so much to be grateful for. I no longer take anything for granted.   I am especially grateful for my beautiful family who I love so very much. They are everything to me.

Being still and focusing on my breath helps to quiet and calm the mind. This quiet time also gives me an extended sense of gratitude for all that I have. Being mindful creates heightened awareness. Being mindful helps us appreciate the beauty in others. Mindfulness allows us to be in the present, in the Now of the moment.

NOW is all we ever have. Yesterday is history. Tomorrow is hoped for.  Being in a mindful state is to notice what is going on in my life.  What must I do next is to be responsive in the moment. This is very empowering. Gives me freedom to be more of myself and go for what I want and what is important to me.

Think and imagine the life you want

The Master Key Process has been a lesson in the power of our mind and the power of thought.

  • Meditation is the time to be still and listen 
  • Be present and in the moment.
  • Be who you are to be.
  • Be the most of who you can be.

I am so grateful to go through this process. The Master Key Process has led me through  this process of discovery of who I am and what is possible for my future. Use the Power of Thought to get what you want.


Johanna Baker

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