Conventional Wisdom is that a person who makes good decisions and takes good actions  will be the core reasons as to why a person will have success. If they have good parents and go to College and study hard they will ensure a good future for themselves.  The question I’ve heard and maybe you have also heard, why do people who take advantage of others and have no scruples as to what is right or wrong become more successful than the person who has worked hard and done all the right things, but is not as successful.  Why is this?


I didn’t have a clue about this before my week 5 lesson of the Master Key.  Now I understand that it has to do with the belief and intention that is so strong and held as fact that it will happen, has influenced the subconscious to make it happen.  In the case of the good person, who has done everything right, but doesn’t have the same results, most likely has had issues of deserving that have gotten in their way.


What I now understand is that ninety percent of all of our mental life is in the subconscious.  If we fail to make use of this mental power we live within narrow limits.  A belief that is held for long enough and a person who has controlled their thoughts has had their subconscious solve any problem for them.


We know the mind never sleeps.  Our subconscious is always at work.  The question is are we allowing it to be passive or are we directing it to work for us?  The mind is in more places than just our brain.  It is in every cell of our body.  Can this be passed on through heredity?   Some say that, that might be the cases unless we consciously repress and refuse to allow this to be the reality.


I have heard stories of consciously using props and intention and belief that it will be so that it becomes manifested as true reality.  An entire new reality was created by the conscious intent.  I find this very hopeful that all of us have the capability to change the future through conscious intent and bringing the symbols into our life to create the fertile ground for the subconscious.


We have choice as to whether we do the work of retraining the subconscious.  The requirements are that we earnestly desire it,  We assert our claim to it. We must take possession.


We can have our heart’s desire.