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Every year PBS does a yearly show during the Thanksgiving Season.  This show during this time of Gratitude is to highlight what is good in America, with selfless giving and what we are thankful for.


Judy Woodruff has taken on this project.

Judy Woodruff PBS 10-26-2017 7-45-05 PM


Judy is world renown for her reporting on the events of what goes on in Washington D.C. and the world and is a  cornerstone of the PBS News Hour.  She decided during this Thanksgiving time, she would take on a more human interest story of people and their contribution and their giving back.


It’s November 23, 2023 and Johanna and Jim Baker have been asked to go over their story of the last few years and why they decided to give back.  Relax and enjoy a heartwarming story of caring and giving back for the benefit of all of us.


JW  This time of year, when people are so busy is a great time to reflect on the many blessings we have been given.  Jim and Johanna have been giving for many years.  This year has been a notch above what what you’ve been able to do before.  You told me that you do not make a big deal of this and choose to do it anonymously if at all possible.


JB  Judy, that’s right.  Jim and I have been married for over 50 years and have always wanted to give more to the causes we care about.  Recently it’s become easier for us to give more than was possible before.


JW  As I was researching you I noticed that you have become even more outspoken and more and more generous in the last 5 years.  Can you tell us what has happened in your life?


JB   Well, Jim and I have built our Personal Business, Global Wealth Builders, LLC.  Our business is a network marketing business. Many people have misunderstood what we do every day.


JW  What do you think is the reason that network marketing has gotten such a bad rap?  Can you explain that?


JB   Most traditional businesses have many middlemen that all get paid that are in the pipeline before it gets to the consumer.  People don’t see it but they are paying for it and all the advertising that is done to make a product appealing.  In network marketing the middlemen and advertising  have been taken out of the equation.  The representatives through word of mouth or work that is done on the internet  bring a product into the marketplace and they are the ones that are compensated. So you don’t see all the Advertising that Wall Street has put together to  have you want to buy something from a network marketing company.


JW   Where and when did you realize you had an interest in network marketing?


JB   Johanna had some serious health challenges and found a product in the health and wellness industry that made a huge difference in her health.  Most often Network Marketing companies have the best high grade nutritional products available on the market. What she discovered is that she fell in love with the business model and helping people with their health and their finances.  This business is all about people.


JW   From my research, I discovered that your organization spans globally.  You are known for having taught great recruiting but you also have great retention.  How have you been able to do this?


JB  Well, it all goes back to 3 things.

  1. Listen
  2. Teach
  3. Belief

You see Judy it is really about listening to what people want and providing them a solution.  We show them the belief we have in them so they can develop a belief in themselves and we give them the tools to do it.


JW    Belief in your capabilities is important to success no matter what profession you are in.  Belief and what you’ve been able to do during this time of Gratitude, our  “Thanksgiving Special” is the reason for this interview.  We’re here to discuss your $250,000 donation to “The Nature Conservancy”.


JB   Jim and I have been environmentally conscious our entire life.  We have become more and more concerned about our environment and the dangers that Climate Change will have on us.  The Nature conservancy has as its mission:

“The mission of The Nature Conservancy is to conserve the lands and waters  on which all life depends.  Our vision is a world where the diversity of life thrives and people act to conserve nature for its own sake and its ability to fulfill our needs and enrich our lives.”

The Altamaha River protects rare species in GA 10-26-2017 7-30-42 PM

< The Sapelo Islands in GA

The Atwaha River protects rare speciessunset water Investing in nature is a better way to meet America's needs 10-26-2017 7-26-42 PM

Investing in Nature  is a better way to meet America’s needs

JW  You certainly are leaving a legacy with your deep concern about life and nature.  The Nature Conservancy is so very grateful for your donation and will be able to fund some much needed projects that protects our water, land and wildlife.

Save our home, man out in canoe on lake 10-26-2017 7-23-26 PM

JB  That is exactly why we do this.  We have grandchildren and we want to leave them a world where they can appreciate God’s gift to us, this beautiful planet and all the life that is in it


JW   There you have it, believing in basic principles of caring for others and helping them achieve their goals has led this couple to make a difference in the lives of all Americans.  Clean air and water  and our beautiful natural resources is our birthright and I want to thank you for your contribution.

Cropped pic Johanna & Jim in front of Macoroni Grill IMG_2122




Jim and Johanna Baker



  1. I love it Johanna! I share your passion for environment and wildlife among other things I know you value. This is a very nice depiction of who you are.

  2. biobaker

    Terry, Yes, I do have a passion for wildlife and our environment. It is our only home, which we have a responsibility to take care of for future generations. Thank you for your feedback. It’s nice to know that we are kindred spirits with a passion for all of life on our planet.

  3. I like your Press Release too Johanna. I can see your heart for Nature and your desire to make a difference. I love God’s creation too very much and there are so many beautiful things to see, hear, feel, smell, and do. We were at Lake Louise in Canada a number of years ago and that is another place I have never forgot along with Switzerland. The lake is long and surrounded by mountains and I was at the far end and this man with a pipe horn (I think that is what they are called) played Amazing Grace back at the hotel part of the lake and it echoed all the way down the lake and the beauty of the lake and the sound were magnificent. I think it was like the new earth will be when we get to heaven.

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