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Week 13 – Why Dreams Come True

Sometimes it takes hearing the same thing again and again, but sometimes said in a slightly different way to really get it.  I am reading OG and also reading my DMP     (Definite Major Purpose) and my 3 X 5 cards religiously. I am hearing again and again that we can have our dream come true.  Tonight I listened to Earl Nightingale talk about “The Strangest Secret”.  It was the same material I hear from MarkJ’s training and read in Haanel’s writing of The Master Key. I finally understand  the meaning “why dreams come true” and what it takes to make it happen..

Why did I hear the answer to “Why Dreams Come True” tonight?

How did I hear it tonight?  The belief in what I want has to be with such conviction and intensity that I will not be denied. Remember as it was said by the Great Carpenter, “Ask and it will be given to you. Seek and you shall find. Knock and the door will be opened to you. Everyone who ASKS, SEEKS AND KNOCKS, will be given what they ask, seek and knock for.  Sometimes the timing may be off, but if done in the correct way, it will happen. ” That is why Dreams Come True.  We must ask, seek and knock with intensity, purpose,and  continuously with intensity.

Our desire must be with intensity and Single Focus and many times a day. Use the cards, to remind yourself of your single focus. Do the Work with your whole being for 30 days and see the difference. It takes repetition. It takes passion and intensity of  belief.  Do it again for another 30 days.  You will see the difference.

Do the Work!

Johanna Baker


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  1. Faith in yourself and belief that you can both achieve and deserve your deepest desires is the key. You are right on Johanna. It’s way more than a burning desire. It’s that for sure, but also an indescribable, quiet confidence that what you want is yours.

  2. biobaker

    Terry. Thanks for your comment and your affirmation.

  3. Johanna,
    I am curious, did you get the long response I sent you in reply to your comet to me? I got “could not deliver back” saying they would try for another period of time to see if you would receive it. I want you to get it so let me know. Thank you.

  4. Patricia Alleyne

    Wow! Joanne you had quite an “Aha moment”. I am happy for you. Yes, sometimes we have to hear it a few times before we get it but the important thing is that we do get it. Great advice 30 days then another 30 days makes it easier but this week I thought I will do things one week at at time so there is no overwhelm.
    Well done!

    • biobaker

      Hi Patricia, Thanks for the reminder that Earl Nightingale talked about, 30 days and then another 30 days. It does help to not be in the state of overwhelm. It also helps to stay the course. ( BTW my new site is

  5. Beth Black

    Wonderful Johanna! I’ve always heard 7 times, 7 different ways to deliver a message before people receive it. Isn’t it wonderful to be filling our minds with positive messages each day in so many different ways? Keep up the great work 😉

  6. Works ok if you click title.

  7. Peter

    Everyone says emotion is key. Don’t just repeat. Put heart and soul into it. And be grateful, assuming the desire has been given. As Bob Proctor says: “I am soooo happy and grateful now that….”. Act like you just got what you asked for!

    • biobaker

      Peter you are so right. Thanks for your comment and reading the Blog. I mentioned passion, but left out the word emotion. Yes, emotion, intensity, desire, repetition are all connected in what Earl Nightingale was saying. I think this is the lesson from all the great teachers to make the fundamental internal change to make it happen. It is easy to leave out steps and then wonder why it didn’t happen. I think it’s the remembering and forgetting and not sticking to the plan long enough to experience the results. Our impatience can be our own sabotage.

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