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Week 16 – Be Kind

To be kind is something I learned early on in childhood. This week in the Master Key we were given the assignment to notice at least 2 acts of kindness. every day for a week. These could  be acts of kindness that we did, or kindnesses others did. The Power of Kindness has an immediate positive affect. Doing these acts on a continued basis has far reaching affects as you will discover in this blog.

Make America Kind Again

Kindness makes the world a better place.  I recently read a sign, “Make America Kind Again.”.  It touched my heart. This made me keenly aware that living in the present time, it often doesn’t feel that way.

Being kind and thinking about the needs of others creates an entirely different feeling for everyone involved.  I have had  many people be kind to me this week.  I have an immense sense of gratitude for the many people who are in my life.

My family is particularly kind to me and I love them so very much and am so very grateful for every family member.

Worldians Peace Through Kindness

The following Video is a great  one on Kindness.  This video is sponsored by Worldians. This video shows us  how we  make the world a better place. These actions can bring about more peace in the world.


Organization that promotes Peace begins with Kindness Click Here to support Peace through Kindness.

Huffington Post on Kindness

Making a more conscious effort to be more kind and to be more aware this week made seeing the results especially rewarding. I wanted to find out what others have done on the subject of kindness. Sean Achor in an article in the Huffington Post was interviewed for his expertise as a Happiness researcher.  He found that performing random acts of kindness for just 2 minutes a day for 21 days actually retrains your brain.  This retraining of the brain caused a person to be more positive, more creative, intelligent and productive.  Wow!


Achor found that this was actually a ‘quality of life’ attribute that caused greater job success, wealth, healthy relationships and better health. He found that Happiness breeds success.  In the US we value hard work and competitiveness, thinking that success leads to happiness. Being Happy as a priority for success  is not widely understood by by most.

More from Sean Achor on Kindness

He continued on to say that  the kindness we afford each other create  better work places and that empathy and kindness actually make people more productive and happier.  The world is currently in a state of political chaos and strife that is high. Just being more kind can put us and the world in a better place. Surprisingly, being kind will have an effect on ending world hunger,  suffering at the hands of war, human rights violations and injustice.  These acts of kindness make our families more harmonious.  This also gives us a sense of well being that radiates to our families, strangers, friends and acquaintances. He pointed out that Kindness also creates better schools,  neighborhoods and communities.


I am so glad to have Kindness  become a more conscious effort on my part and  have it be a part of my life forever. I challenge you to become a part of the Kindness movement to make our surroundings and the world a better place.


Johanna Baker                                                                                                                                                               



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  1. What a wonderful post Johanna! Thank you for sharing. The more we focus and concentrate on something, kindness, the more we see and the more we become! Amazing!!!

    • biobaker

      Hi Rip, Thanks for seeing that the more we focus, the more we see. Always appreciate your comments. I found Sean Achor’s observation interesting that the more we focus the more we actually wire our brains for it.

  2. I loved this post. Fun to read and participate in, thank you for sharing <3

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