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Week 18- Be in the Moment

We have been taught by the Greats “To be in the Moment”. This week has been one of discovery and being more present.  This month we have been reading from Og Mandino’s book the Chapter about savoring each day as if it was our last day. This awareness has brought me to the understanding to treat every moment as if it was my last.   How can I make the most of every day. All connections and the connections I have with my family are so very precious.

Can Sand flow upwards in an hourglass?

Some thoughts from Og Mandino:. Can we have sand flow upwards in an hourglass?  The sun doesn’t set in the same place it rises.  Do I right the mistakes, yesterday that I made yesterday?  Is it possible for us to become younger than we were yesterday?  The  hurtful  words spoken, blows that were struck, or any pain I caused  be taken back yesterday?  No, yesterday is gone and can’t be righted because it was yesterday?

What about tomorrow? Can tomorrow’s sand flow through the glass today? Will the sun rise twice tomorrow? Can I do the things today that are in tomorrow’s path?  Tomorrow’s baby can’t be born today?  Tomorrow’s  death can’t cast its shadow backward and darken today’s joy?   Should I torment myself about something that might never come to pass?  I can’t do anything about  what has already happened or will happen..

Thich Nhat Hanh teaches Mindfulness

Another teacher about  living life in the moment is Thich Nhat Hanh.  He calls it  mindfulness and has  exercises to help us live with happiness and joy. Being in the moment is all we ever have.  Being happy in the moment  is our choice.  No matter where we are in the universe, no matter what situation we are put in, we will always have the option of being happy. We don’t need to be unrealistically optimistic about our situation, but accepting it as it is, and choosing to be happy.

In Thich Nhat Hanh’s words he tells us that many of us are alive but don’t know it. But when we breathe in, and are aware of our in-breath, we touch the miracle of being alive. That is why mindfulness is a source of happiness and joy..  We don’t need to wait 10 years to be happy. Just as Og is teaching,  we can’t be worrying about what was.  We shouldn’t live in a state of forgetfulness where we are not living in the present. We lose out of the joy of being in the moment.

Be in the Moment

Taking time every day to be quiet and breathe in and out is a way to recenter us and bring us into the present .  It is in the present where we can experience joy and happiness.  Using concentration on what we want is a way to quiet the mind and exercise focus.  I have found the “monkey mind” often is running and it is a distraction for me to stay focused.  I find this is where my workout is.

When I am at the gym, I find it easier to be in the moment because I focus on the physical exercise I am in.  I have found that the time I am in my “sit” and I focus on my breathing is a way for me to become more present and in the moment.

The main points that Thich Nhat Hahn makes to have the “sit” or meditation or the quiet time we give ourselves, can be broken down into a few things to focus on.

  1. Focus on the breath.  Do Belly breathing like a baby.
  2. Concentrate on your breath
  3. Be aware of your Body.
  4. Release Tension
  5. Focus (what I’ve added)

Becoming more Mindful

We are our body as well as our mind  The best way for us to feel more fully alive and present is when we keep our attention to being present in the moment. Be in the moment to experience more of the wonders of life.  We do this when we are present with ourselves and the people that we have around us.  Each moment we stay present brings us more peace and joy. This allows us to see and experience the miracle of being alive.

We are the miracle that we are alive.  We come from a long line of successes. To become happier, and more joyful  is a byproduct of  experiencing more gratitude.  Happiness comes  when we bring our minds into our body and become more aware. Be in the moment. Become present and in the moment.  We become a happier being in this miracle of being alive.


~Johanna Baker


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  1. Well done Johanna. Pretty deep and extensive treatment. Keep on at it.

    • biobaker

      Terry, thank you for your comment. I appreciate your perspective.

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