So excited to be learning more about the power of the subconscious.  My exposure to the power of the subconscious has gone on for many years but this is the first time I am learning how to access and change the programming of my subconscious.  My exposure to the power of meditation on my spiritual path is taught in my church and is a part of my spiritual journey.  My problem is consistency.  Meditation is an access point to the subconscious. Consistency that becomes habit is key to true success as I will explain.

Habit and the power of habit that is taught in the MKMMA (Master Key System)  is being drummed into my head.  The difference between those who have failed or those that have succeeded is in the difference in habits.  I now see meditation as a piece of the puzzle for the future of my success.  It is another path to the subconscious.

The importance in the message I give myself has to be a clear message of what  I want.  No more fuzzy thinking.  Clarity of desire is a must.  If my desire to move forward, it is a must  to create my heart’s desire.   There are forces in the universe that will come to my aid to achieve it.

For me a sense of unworthiness that comes from my childhood has been in  the way of truly getting what I want.  How many people do you know who may also have the issues of not being good enough or being unworthy?  This obstacle that I have discovered certainly gets in the way of having a positive message to the subconscious.

What is the difference between the conscious and subconscious?  “The conscious mind has the power of reasoning;  it is the seat of the will and may impress the subconscious.” (Master Key Experience- definition.)

What I am learning and expect to experience is that  the exterior conditions correspond with the predominant mental attitude that I entertain in my deepest desires. What this means is that when the subconscious is in alignment with what I want,  exterior circumstances change.   These can be changed by reaching the subconscious with positive messages that are delivered in the present. tense.

The subconscious has our instinctive and deepest desires.  If our desires aren’t said in the present tense and already happening, the subconscious does not go to work on our behalf.  As I mentioned before when the messages are given to the subconscious in present tense and are spoken consistently and habitually the subconscious will get the message.

The Master Key System is the only way I know of to have a pathway to permanent change.  This is not a rah, rah pep rally.  This method is a way to do the introspective work to determine what I, (you) really want to see that permanent change can take place.