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Week 4 – A time for gratitude and moving forward

This week has gone a little better with being able to stay on top of my cards.  I figured out that I needed to put all the things I need to do daily are listed on my “Service” card so that I don’t miss the daily readings of the Blue Print Builder, the reading in the Master Key, my DMP and my movie trailer.

Life is a beautiful place and I want to enjoy and experience the richness that life can offer me.  As the world  is within it will manifest in the world.  A world of thought and feeling and power of light and life and beauty and even though the forces are invisible, its forces are mighty.

Getting all my prospecting in and going to my gym classes has kept my schedule very full.  Keeping on top of all my Master Key reading and the all the items that need to be read several times a day and  making the quiet time for my 15 – 30 minute sit, reading my DMP, Blue Print and movie trailer doing with the lesson is becoming easier.


This week has been a time of being more conscious of bringing a compliment wherever I go and continually being in a state of gratitude.  It is not out of character for me to do this naturally, but I am in a state, because of my reading, in Scroll 1 of Og Mandino’s Books, to be more aware.  I find my sit time has left me more relaxed and calm. I feel empowered and my belief is growing that real change will happen.  I seem to be more aware of the great people that I bump into every day in my life and I  want to compliment them to let them know what I like about them.

I find reading the pages in Scroll, that I notice various sentences pop out now and have more meaning even though I have been reading them 3 X a day for weeks. I find there is a deepening of understanding about what I really  want through the rewriting of my Definite Master Purpose.  This process of focusing on me and what I want  has been new for me.

My daily habits are becoming easier. I know this process of learning and continually creating good habits will make me a better person and will create a better life for me and my family.  Dreaming of a better and more fulfilled life.





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  1. Deb

    Great post. Love your last paragraph.

  2. Very nice read! Keep on growing and go get it girl!

  3. Johanna that’s really good. You are immersed in this process and becoming aware of the goodness around you and the greatness within. That’s great.

  4. Deb

    Great post. I also find it interesting that focusing on the life we truly want seemed to be a new process and for many and it didn’t flow easily.

  5. Good to see you affirming our assignments daily. We are doing this together. Keep growing.

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