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Week 6 – My Dreamboard

This week has been one of putting many visuals together to help “Subby” get clear on the picture of what I desire in my life.  What I’ve learned is that “Subby” or the subconscious is that part of us that carries out our belief and will about what we want.  It goes to work for us  when the message is very clear.  The conscious mind can send  “Subby” messages through repetition along with emotion and belief which will then go to work to make connections in our life to make it happen. This needs to be consistently maintained to accomplish results.


Focus like you would hold a magnifying glass to sharpen the edges and see more closely.  Just as holding a magnifying glass with the sun shining through it can ignite paper to burn, our burning focus and attention to what we truly want in life is crucial to making change.


Using visual symbols to represent what we want in life are cues to the subconscious to remember the intention and desire of what you really, really want.  This is like preparing the soil to be receptive for the seeds we want to grow. This week I put pictures all over my house for my “Subby” to see visually what is desired so that “Subby” can go to work to create the circumstances to have things happen.

My Treasures for this week:


My Dreamboard:   using pictures is a representation of what I really, really want.Using Symbols to give myself the message of my heart’s desire is a way for “Subby” to get the message over and over again.


Reading  Scroll 2.  Love is the answer, love is the way.  We certainly have heard that message before.  In Jesus’s teachings,  he was the new way of being in the New Testament . To  come from a place of love and to be love to others, a kind word, a compliment, a gift, to love life in all its phases, the light, the dark, the sun, the rain, all of it is crucial for internal change to manifest.  A refreshing way to be and look at the world and be conscious. Being conscious in all moments is a commitment to being what we want to see in the world.  I feel good about letting grievances go and becoming more harmonious with what is going on around me.


The Guy ( Gal) in the Glass  Reading this daily and realizing that we are most accountable to ourselves.  Are we in alignment and have we acted in integrity where we can look at ourselves in the mirror and be honest. Be that person that can see yourself clearly for your mistakes and all the good that you are.  Love that person in the mirror.


The Compass  is a symbol for the Power of Attention.  When this is done by the mind in thought, the results of attention will be manifested.  Live by the compass and not the clock.


For those who are not familiar with this line of thinking it may seem far-fetched.  It may be because if you tried but did not keep a consistent focused mind long enough, it wasn’t realized.  It takes energy and persistence along with your emotional belief to make it so.  Without the emotional component of ENTHUSIASM embracing the new you, it can’t come into being.   Many may give up before the results can be manifested.


Thank you for your attention.





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  1. Super post and thought process Johanna. Love that dream board too.

  2. Deb Arnell

    Love the dream board! I love your list of favorites! …Don’t stop writing! I didn’t see a week 7…I love your thought process!

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