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Week 8 The Power of Imagination

This week has been learning about how necessary and powerful Imagination is for anything to move forward in the world.  Everything we see or touch outside of the wonders of nature comes about because someone, somewhere had an idea that was then brought to our reality.  This goes from the smallest things to landing on the moon and our exploration of space.

Humans are naturally curious creatures and when we look back through time, we can see how new ideas have been built on the then current knowledge. We often experience change incrementally.  We also have experienced  leaps that  were made by the most Brilliant of Humans.

Imagination in Modern Times

In the time I’ve been alive I’ve seen computers become household tools before that the computer filled a room. We saw our first mobile phone that needed to be carried in a small carrier box like a small suit case to the iPhone. The iPhone revolutionized mobile phones, where we had a touch tone screen that resembled a small computer in the way we now use it with many APP’s. This picture is the first iPhone in 2007. The iPhone also disrupted the music industry.  The iPhone also disrupted the entire camera and picture taking industry.


Leonardo DaVinci made sketches of things that didn’t show up for 400 years.  His imagination was  far beyond most on our planet at the time and still now his genius is appreciated. He designed the first propeller which now has a different design but is used for Helicopters. That was real vision.


The work we are doing in the Master Key is to influence ourselves through our imagination and our belief in ourselves will change the path we are on.  This new future, we may have thought at one time  was an impossible future for ourselves. We can actually visualize and change the Blueprint for the Future Me.

Using our own Hologram

Have you ever watched Star Trek where they have scenes that take place on the Holodeck?  These scenes are what has played out in the imagination of the participant.  They no longer feel like the impossible has happened because they have had a real experience..  To change our Blueprint, we must visualize with feeling for it to become real.  Our imagination of what is to be will be accepted by “Subby” or the subconscious as fact.  “Subby” doesn’t know what’s real or imagined.


Our imagination and focused thought through our visualization makes it real to “Subby”.  “Subby” then goes to work along with our effort to put the pieces in motion to make it happen. “Imagination is the light by which we can penetrate new worlds of thought and experience.” ( from the Master Keys.)


This week I have been on “The  7 Day Mental Diet” of no negative thoughts.  I have yet to complete 7 days.   Allowing only positive thoughts 100% of the time is transforming. This has been close for me, but I haven’t achieved it yet.  All the work I am doing in the Master Key is to change the internal landscape of myself.  I see changes in the way I am perceiving things. I see progress.


Repetition is key for “Subby” to hear the new imagined path often and with positive emotion.  I heard today the experience of a young man who has diligently been reading his Definite Major Purpose 3 times a day for 3 ½ years and his life has been transformed.


If we truly want change in our life, it is an “Inside Job”.  Our imagination to make the future real is key to our success.  The Universe will come to our aid if we ask for what we truly want and have a loving heart to receive what is our heart’s desire.


Till next time,

Johanna Baker



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  1. Nicely put, Johanna! I like your Star Trek reference. You may already know this, but each fragment of a hologram contains the full hologram image – much the same way as Haanel talks about us each having the same kind and quality of Universal Power in each of us (differing only in amount, I think he says). It is all a lot to wrap my head around, but your blog about DaVinci and the Iphone and Star Trek all helped. Thanks!


  2. biobaker

    Joel, Thanks so much for your comment. I do remember hearing something about that a piece of the hologram has the entire hologram in it. Thanks so much for the reminder about the hologram and how it applies to Haanel. Each of us has the same kind and quality of Universal Power. That is a powerful reminder of the power we each have. Thank you.

  3. Hi Johanna, I am visiting the blogs of our tribe members, and love your thoughtfulness and insight as each week unfolded. You think deeply about these concepts, and it will be sure to pay off toward the personal goals you have set! I love the Biblical references, as I also have sourced the Bible for confirmation about these concepts, and what God has endowed in each of us to be able to achieve our potential with the right thought process, and harmony of purpose! Stay encouraged, and keep your thoughtful blogs coming! Frank.

    • biobaker

      Frank, thank you for your thoughtful and insightful comments about what I wrote.. I appreciate them. I checked out your Blog and discovered there was no way for me to leave a comment. You have made your Blog very personal in applying the principles we are learning. I appreciated that. It looks to me from what I read that you are applying the principles as situations arise and you have to respond. What a disappointment not to receive the Bid for the job you bid for. I guess the lesson, is to give them 2 options copper or plastic pipes to have your bases covered so this doesn’t happen to you again. Let the customer choose what is most important to them. Keep those Blogs coming and figure out how a person could leave a comment. Johanna

  4. You got it Johanna! Keep keeping on and I know you are going to open the doors to finding your true self. Grateful to be on this journey with you!

    • biobaker

      Rip, you are very kind. It is great for me too to be on the journey with you. I am grateful to be on the pathway to my true self.

  5. John Francetic

    Keep up the good work.

  6. Yes indeed you are thinking deeply about these lessons and relating them to your own experiences and related knowledge. That is the first step toward application and it’s obvious you are doing that also. Good stuff Johanna!

    • biobaker

      Terry, Thanks. Now if I can truly get the emotion behind this consistently all will work.

  7. Enjoyed reading your post. As one of my Mentor’s always says, “You have to see yourself there, before you get there.” Keep up the good work.

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