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Week 9 – The Value of Persistence

I love this topic,…the power of persistence and what it takes to be successful at well,  anything.


This month we have started to read from Og Mandino’s book, “I will persist until I succeed.” One of the principles and value of persistence is that there may be pain in the process or that you don’t see the results of your effort right away.  No matter the goal, it is usually Not in in the time frame that you would like it to be. I call it “God’s time”.  “The Universes” works its magic to put the circumstances and the people in place.  Sometimes the coincidences seem uncanny that they happen effortlessly because of intention. Intention comes from a desire within.


In my own case, I had Rotator-Cuff surgery over 5 years ago that led to some other physical difficulties.  I have persisted in going to the gym 3 times a week, in 2 hour stints for 5 years consistently and the difference I feel and other’s see.  Persistence has been the key to making progress.  The body needs the nourishment as well as the consistent workout to make the muscles stronger. I know ‘no pain no gain’ in pushing the muscles to break down and rebuild.

In the process of persistence, doors open to learn more, develop new skills and become better at what you pursue.  If the intention to persist is not there, it is easy to not move forward. The consequences of not holding to the promise you made to yourself, is that you have a feeling of failure and the opportunities to learn and get better do not present themselves.

All change comes from the world within

Everything comes from the “world within” The desire to have more and to be better is as old as time. There are 3 things that mankind desires to become the highest expression of themselves and they are Health, Wealth and Love.  If any of these things are lacking in our life there is a sadness and pain that comes with the not having enough.This is where the value of persistence is so important. Continue to persist and believe until the changes take place.

We have our own Aladdin’s Lamp

In the” Master Key” is the teaching that we have the “key” to the “Aladdin’s Lamp”.  To have this “key” is to be confident, to be sure and to know the truth is to be in harmony with the Infinite and Omnipotent power. It is to have Faith. Our job is to “connect with this Omnipotent power which is irresistible. This power will sweep away every kind of discord, in-harmony, doubt or error of any kind away.”  When these thoughts or feelings come up, we must substitute these thoughts with courage, power, self-reliance and confidence.

How do I make this personal?  It’s through the quiet “sit”  where I become quiet and notice the thoughts zooming in and zooming out.  To take time to “Visualize” the future I desire and  to see it in the present tense. I know through love, to give it away the more comes back to me.  Through this persistent daily work with right action and loving thoughts the magic of connection with the Omnipotent, happens.  “With God all things are possible.” Matthew 19:23-30


Johanna Baker


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  1. I totally agree, with God all things are possible. And yes, it is in the “sit” where many good things happen. Being in harmony with our creator, and his love for us. With the “sit” there is space for incoming information that is greatly needed in this speedy world of ours.

    • biobaker

      Joan, Thanks for your reply. I agree wholeheartedly that it is in our sit that we can listen.

  2. Well said Johanna. Relating all that you are discovering with MKE to your life is what it’s all about. Keep on and renew your efforts. Persistence is that powerful habit.

  3. Beautiful! I love your images too.

    • biobaker

      Jennifer, thank you for your kind words. I went to your Blog and retwweeted, but couldn’t figure out how to comment. Your Blog 10 is very exciting that your dream move is taking place. It’s working! You’re a living example of its working! Love it!

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