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Week 7 – The Journey Continues

For most people ‘Faith” is believing in what is unseen. It is trusting that things will turn out alright.  What I am learning in the Master Key  is a similar idea.  We are learning to trust that what we  want to see in our future will come true. This is to have  faith in the unseen, that is not yet manifested.  The work out is to reach “Subby” or our  Subconscious.  This belief  in who we are and what we want, when charged with Feeling  will become our reality . This is the Universe, conspiring in our favor and helping us achieve.  How do I do this, by  Charging my thoughts with FEELING!

This has been written in Scripture and has been around for a long time.

Mathew 7:7

“Ask and it will be given to you; seek and you will find; knock and the door will be opened to you.

Matthew 17:20

“And He said to them, If you have faith the size of a mustard seed, you will say to this mountain, ‘Move from here to there,’ and it will move; and nothing will be impossible to you.

What does “Subby” believe?

This truth about Belief has been taught to us through the ages.  So how do we get through our own doubt? Our subconscious or “Subby”  doesn’t know what is real or a vision of what we see as real.  Imprinting on “Subby” and making changes in our life to coincide with the person  we want to see is crucial.


Visualization, using  pictures and sound  to imprint on “Subby” through what we listen to, hear and read with intention and FEELING is the way to get through to “Subby”. I am bombarding and “Subby” with who I am and what I want.  Any old programming or negative experiences are substituted with the new “Real Me.” I am persistent and doing this many times through out the day


This week my focus has been Be More, Give More.  What does that mean?  Every connection is greeted with love, gratitude, a smile, giving a compliment and bringing positive energy to every encounter. I am a positive influence in the world,  a ray of love.

Be in Service

Be in Service and keep our thoughts positive.  We had an assignment this week to not have any negative thoughts for 7 days.  I have to admit, I started over and over again. Not hearing any news on TV has been a  key to this success. Life happens and sometimes things happen to the people in our lives that need to be dealt with.   Emmet Fox writes in his 7 day Mental Diet  that when this happens,  take a couple of days and then start again.


It is important to be aware of the things that can trip up this 7 day diet. Negative thoughts are thoughts of failure, disappointment, or trouble, any thought of criticism, or spite or jealousy or condemnation of others, or self condemnation; any thought of sickness or accident; or in short, any kind of limitation or pessimistic thinking. Emmet Fox emphasizes that our brain might deceive us, but our heart will whisper the truth.


I have had fun this week and am excited as I continue on this journey of learning about myself and others.


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  1. Johanna, you have written a very thoughtful post. You are definitely into it and applying what you learn. That’s real power! Having fun while engaging in the 7 day mental diet is awesome.

    • biobaker

      Thanks for the encouragement and for the reminder to have fun in the process.

  2. John Francetic

    What powerful insights you have. Good for you. Keep up the good work.

  3. Hi Johanna, great post! The little cartoon is sadly so true!

  4. John Francetic

    Truly believe in yourself, believe in the person God Created you to be.

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